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    I am Julia, photographer at Wonderfulife Productions.
    I have been taking photos everywhere I go for the last seven years, finding inspiration in the sweet-smelling pages of glossy magazines and grandma's collection of old family photos. My style of shooting is about capturing moments and emotions with attention to pretty details. Keywords are joie de vivre, fresh ideas, fun and love for vintage.

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Top 10 Android Photography Apps

I take photos with my phone DAILY. I love it. It’s a way of looking at the world and appreciating and documenting beautiful every day things.

Having a high quality phone camera has allowed me to take photos which wouldn’t have seen the light of day otherwise. It’s so quick and discreet to just pull out a phone when you see an interesting face pass by a pretty shopfront or a bird fly over a nice landscape. And you can share it, there and then, which makes it all the more engaging!

I use a Samsung Galaxy S3 and when my contract is up later this year, I will undoubtedly be upgrading to another Samsung model. Their design is so sleek, as a visual person I ADORE the big screen and the camera is top notch. They always provide their customers with software improvements and even despite my lack of techie understanding, I can see that the platform is so very flexible.

I get a little frustrated seeing the amount of blog posts that rate top photography apps and always forget about the brilliant Android platform. So I decided to remedy that.

I put together a selection of Top 10 Android Photography Apps. Apps that I don’t just think are good, but apps that I have STUCK WITH. Sometimes and app is all good on paper but you just don’t find yourself using it and it never makes the home screen of your phone.


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