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    I am Julia, photographer at Wonderfulife Productions.
    I have been taking photos everywhere I go for the last eight years, finding inspiration in the sweet-smelling pages of glossy magazines and grandma's collection of old family photos. My style of shooting is about capturing moments and emotions with attention to pretty details. Keywords are joie de vivre, fresh ideas, fun and love for vintage.

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I am so happy to introduce you to Sinéad Watkins of The Brag Trade Blog. She’s an up and coming fashion blogger with with the best bob and cutest face I’ve ever seen! The Brag Trade is written by Emily, Ashlee and Sinéad: three fashion enthusiasts who all have something different to offer.

We came across each other on instagram – I’ve said it before, it’s such an incredible platform! We had both attended the Pixies/Arcade Fire concert in Marlay Park a few weeks back but hadn’t actually met  - it was hash-tags that helped us find each other in the end!

Sinéad is originally from Brisbane, but like myself, fell in love with Galway a few years ago. She also happens to be a professional Irish dancer – how cool is that!

For our shoot, we hooked up for a coffee at Taste at Born, had a few chats and then walked about pretty Galway streets.

Check out the photees below and if you like what you see, check out Brag Trade on facebook and instagram.


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