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    I am Julia, photographer at Wonderfulife Productions.
    I have been taking photos everywhere I go for the last eight years, finding inspiration in the sweet-smelling pages of glossy magazines and grandma's collection of old family photos. My style of shooting is about capturing moments and emotions with attention to pretty details. Keywords are joie de vivre, fresh ideas, fun and love for vintage.

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Hello everyone, hope you’re having a nice weekend! Among all the work I have to do, I totally forgot that today is a bank holiday Monday! So with a little unexpected window to myself, I thought I’d share a few photos with you from yesterday afternoon. We went to see the Macnas Parade – A Symphony for the Restless, which was simply spectacular. Every year Macnas seems to pull an artistic masterpiece – between the costumes, the music, the acting performances and the fireworks, it all just makes you feel so proud to be living in Galway! I wasn’t there to take photos, just enjoy the show, so I only took a few snapshots.

Afterwards we went for food in Biteclub Galway – Streetfood Discotheque. I am absolutely in love with that place! They always have such original decor and music and their menu is always exciting with locally sourced ingredients! I had fish tacos and my favourite – courgette fritters. The tunes they were playing were so catchy, one that caught my ear was Eartha Kitt – Where is My Man – such a good Halloween listen!

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