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    I am Julia, photographer at Wonderfulife Productions.
    I have been taking photos everywhere I go for the last eight years, finding inspiration in the sweet-smelling pages of glossy magazines and grandma's collection of old family photos. My style of shooting is about capturing moments and emotions with attention to pretty details. Keywords are joie de vivre, fresh ideas, fun and love for vintage.

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For the last day of my mom’s week long stay in Ireland we had decide we’d  take a cruise on the Corrib Princess. None of us have ever been! The cruise starts at Woodquay, goes through Menlo and finishes at Lough Corrib. Overall it takes about 90 minutes during which you learn a few interesting bits about Galway, but most of all, get to just relax and listen to the lulling tunes of pipes and flutes through the sound system on the boat.

We then had brunch at Corrib Tea House Rooms - I just love the decor, the view and their Eggs Benedict!

We ended up taking a stroll through the Galway Market, grabbing a fresh chicken teriyaki sushi along the way.

The town has been buzzing with Galway International Arts Festival vibes all week, with plenty of tourists and street performers adding to the local colour. Oh how I wish it was summer all year long!


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